Teen Complains iPhone Dock Doesn’t Work; Not iPhone Dock at All
In New York, a teenager bought a used car. Days later, he took the car back to the dealership to complain that the iPhone dock wasn't working. Not only was it not charging his phone, it was scratching up the screen of his phone whenever he tried to put it in. Turns out, the youth's car didn't have a malfunctioning iPhone dock. It didn't have an IPhone dock at all.
See Who Unfriended You
A new program called ‘Who Deleted Me.’ will take inventory of your Facebook friends and let you know who decided they didn't want to put up with your self-righteous views anymore.
Still Make Calls? [Poll]
I can't count the times I have been busted for screening my calls. Honestly - I hate talking on the phone and the only time I answer is when my wife calls (because I value my life).

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