I personally know a lot of people who either drive for Uber, or make deliveries with Favor to make some extra cash on the side.  One Texas man has become quite wealthy using Task Rabbit.  In fact, he’s made over six figures just by offering his services on the app.

Back in 2018 Kingsley O, moved down to Austin from Oklahoma.  As soon as he arrived in Central Texas, he started working two different part time jobs.  Due to the high cost of living in the Austin area, he still couldn’t afford his own place, even though he was working two and ended up sleeping in his own car.

Kingsley then downloaded Task Rabbit to his phone, and started offering his services on the app.  In case you’re not familiar with Task Rabbit, it’s basically a smart phone app where users can hire individuals to perform a wide range of different tasks.  Kingsley then quit both of his jobs, and started working a variety of different manual labor jobs on Task Rabbit.  He helped users with home repairs, furniture assembly, and even helped people move.

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Now as a result of his hard work on Task Rabbit, Kingsley is no longer struggling financially, and is even able to save money.  In fact, he’s made over $100,000 by performing odd jobs on the app.  According to WFAA, last year he made $105,961.35 using Task Rabbit.  He’s recently bought his own house, and says that using Task Rabbit has allowed him enjoy more quality time with his family.

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