Might as well have left a trail of breadcrumbs back to your hideout.

Back on October 8, a robbery took place on Glidewell in the Sunnyside neighborhood in Wichita Falls. The homeowner came home at about 6:30 in the morning and found their house completely torn apart. Everything was thrown all over the residence and the burglar was still in the house. The homeowner called the police and the burglar ran out and hopped the fence to escape.

A search for evidence found a cell phone that did not belong to the homeowner. Police got a search warrant to search the contents of the phone. The phone had what some would call a ridiculous amount of evidence. The phone belonged to 37-year-old Christopher Phillips Lopez. Police know this because he was logged into several social media accounts on his phone and had a photo of his driver's license. Didn't take long for police to find him after that.

If that was not enough, Christopher apparently took video of himself robbing the house. Why?! Come on, man! who is that video for? Apparently, the police so they could bust you for this crime.

Christopher was brought in for questioning. He admitted to the burglary, expressed remorse and cooperated fully with their investigation.

Christopher Phillips Lopez is charged with the burglary of a habitation is out of jail on a $3500 bond.

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