Ten of the Best Geek Parody Songs
With the greatest of made up holidays right around the corner, May the 4th Be With You, we take this time to honor fellow geeks and nerds with a look at ten of the best geek song parodies.
To check out the original song being parodied, just click on the link under each entry's title...
Is Chewbacca In Songs The Latest Internet Sensation
In the beginning of the internet - cats took over early and held on as the rulers of of the web.Whether it is cats just being cute or cats being crazy the internet eats those videos up!
Last year though, there was a slight change in royalty as we realized that goats screaming is really funny and even…
Check Out What Your Tax Dollars Are Being Used For
How would you like to hear that all of that money you pay in taxes are going to good use? Well if your waiting on me to say that your tax dollars are being wisely invested in our nations education, health and infrastructure just stop reading now, but if you would like to know how your money is reall…

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