When it comes to teaching math, there're a few different styles you can use. There's flash cards, there's memorization, and then there's this.

Ms. Jones, the 9th-grade algebra teacher at Burkburnett High School in Texas has found a fun and interesting way to get her students to learn about math. This is just one example of when she's changed the lyrics to popular songs to help her students.

Accompanied by Mr. Mitchell, another teacher at the school, on guitar, Ms. Jones takes the lines from Adele's smash hit 'Hello' and substitutes her own algebra related lyrics. "Hello, it's me...." nope, now it's "Hello, it's math!"

"She is my favorite teacher," said Kaylin Strobel, a student in Ms. Jones' class and camera operator in the video above. Kaylin says that Ms. Jones allows her students to record her singing in class and has also done a math parody of Adele's 'Someone Like You.'

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