Do You Listen To Music At Work?
Imagine your life without music. Now imagine your favorite movie without its soundtrack. Basically the same thing! You need music in your like to help the day pass by, make you feel happy, sad, and to distract you from boring things you have to do at work. Do you listen to music at work?
Top 5 Ways To Waste Time At Work
As adults we have to work. We have to get a job so we can pay for everything that mom and dad used to pay for. But an interesting thing about work is that it isn't all work. There are even ways you can work and waste time at the same time. These are the top 5 ways to waste time at work.
Four Tips to Help You Get a Good Raise
I have gotten very few raises in my life. Now, before you go and say, "Well, you need to be a better employee!"... you should know that's not true.  In today's day and age, raises are not automatic, especially BIG raises. At most companies, you won't even have a chance of getting a big rai…