Post –it note art is the latest trend and I can see why, it is super cool and creative and relatively easy to do.  How could I not include something cool, creative and cheap like this in my list of 7 dates for Valentine’s Day!

Date Idea #2: Say It with Post-It Notes

Watch this youtube video for inspiration of an amazing Post-It note art installation in Brazil using 350,000 Post-It notes.

While you may not be able to do something as ginormous, you could definitely scale it down to do your own version.  To make it a date, pick a location and an idea for a picture.  Large windows make a good canvas, or a blank wall in your house.   This awesome website gives you a tutorial on how to turn any design into a Post-It note template using Photoshop.  Then buy some Post-It Notes and get to posting.  The goal here is to spend time together doing something fun and unusual.

Of course another option is to surprise your Valentine with a Post-It Note message.  Decorate their cubicle while they are out of the office or sneak home at lunch and create a masterpiece to greet them when they get home from work.   You can even put something you love about your partner on each Post-It Note.  Get creative!

Here is a picture of the surprise message I made for my husband.  I do not describe myself as artistic in the least bit, so I decided my best bet was to go with something easy. It only took about 7 pads of Post-It Notes.  I found that even something as simple as this looked pretty darn cool.