There are some teachers who really go above and beyond in their job. They are passionate about making sure the students are learning. They seem to really care about keeping the kids engaged. This is definitely one of those teachers.

This video from last September recently went viral on Reddit. During a talk about fire safety, he decided to illustrate a point he was making in a way that no student could ignore. After asking what the kids would do if there was a fire, he demonstrated exactly what one of the options would diving right out of the window!

The kids look on in disbelief at what they saw but eventually he comes back in and continues his talk. You can bet that those kids aren't going to forget that day in class.

As an added bonus, and because the world of Reddit makes anything possible, someone decided to make the video even better by adding 'The Simpsons' to the equation. There's a scene from the episode about the PTA disbanding where someone jumps out of a window. That audio with this video is a perfect match!