If you ever had the desire to eat in this dining room, you probably have a screw loose or you love horror movies.

The Interesting History of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre House

When it comes to Texas movies, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre has to be in the top ten, right? At least for horror movie lovers it is. The original 1974 movie had many filming locations, but today I want to focus on the house that was originally in Round Rock, Texas. However, don't bother going to Round Rock to look for the house, it now sits in Kingsland, Texas.

Check Out Hooper's

The famous house is now a restaurant. Which has undergone several owners since moving over to Kingsland. So when it moved almost a decade ago, it was known as the Junction House Restaurant and had strong roots to the movie. Then, a new owner purchased it and called it Grand Central Cafe. Removing all the Texas Chainsaw nostalgia from the place (BOO!). The new owners have brought back the Texas Chainsaw love and called it Hooper's actually named after director of the movie Tobe Hooper.

Dine In the Famous Dinner Scene Room

If you wanted to eat in the same room the Sawyer family had one of the most messed up dinners in film history in, you can enjoy a nice steak in the establishment. Is it steak or something else though? Hooper's is open six days a week (closed on Tuesdays) if you have the craving for a famous movie filming location.

Watch the Famous Dinner Scene Below

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