Everything is bigger in Texas once again.

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Are drones replacing fireworks as entertainment? In some parts of the world...yes. However in North Richland Hills, they say, "Why not both?" I agree, if you want to put on two kick ass shows, I am here for it. On Monday The Family 4th Fireworks Show took place. Why was The Family 4th event on July 3rd? (just a nitpick from me)

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Along with their annual fireworks show, they hired the Fort Worth based Sky Elements. Who used 1,002 drones to take over the sky above the crowd for the awesome show. According to the Guinness World Records this is "largest aerial sentence formed by multirotor/drones." So I guess when it spelled out the Fourth of July, that was the record?

Whatever got them the record, that's pretty cool. I have still yet to see a drone show in person. I believe I maybe seeing my first one in August. So I will let you know if it actually worth the hype. Sky Elements just doesn't do shows in Texas. Over the holiday weekend, they broke their own record for most drone shows. They had 40 over the past few days and over 10,000 drones were used in the shows.

Records were meant to be broken, so we will see if someone tries to break Sky Elements record or if they will try to break their own. Check out the full sped up performance below which featured different moments in American history.

Check Out the Record Breaking Drone Show Below

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