I am all for drone delivery.

What an interesting Tuesday, I've already done a story on drones trolling all of Dallas on April Fool's Day. Now I am doing one on drones bringing goods to parts of North Texas. It looks like this week the drone delivery service known as Wing, will begin shipping to parts of North Texas.

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They announced a partnership with Walgreens where you can opt in to get your goods from them delivered by drone. Hell yeah bring me a case of beer robot. Looks like medications, first aid kits, and Blue Bell ice cream can be delivered to your house starting this week.

However, not everybody in North Texas gets in on the fun. Looks like Little Elm and Frisco are the first to get this drone delivery service. Around 10,000 people are eligible to try out service and if I was in the area, I would definitely order some ice cream.


It will probably be several years before we see something like this in Wichita Falls, but I think it's a neat idea. We may not have flying cars like I thought we would have in the future, but robots delivering me packages is a pretty cool future to have(Yes I am aware someone is piloting the drone).


Let me know when I can get some pizza and beer droned to my house. I am fully prepared to sign up for whatever company starts offering that service.

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