Some would argue it was a fair tip for the order, but he felt she should have paid more.

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You might have seen this video earlier this week, but more details have come out about it. It actually took place in Kempner, Texas which is a couple hours north of Austin. A woman placed a $20 pizza order through DoorDash and left the driver a $5 tip. According to my math, that is 25% and pretty fair in my opinion.

Things Get Awkward Upon Delivery

The man pulls up to the residence and assumes by the house. His tip should have been more.

I just want to say it's a nice house for a $5 tip.

The woman clearly shocked by the statement just grabs the pizza and says, "You're welcome." He giver her a hearty 'F*** you' before leaving.

Follow Up After the Interaction

The homeowner Lacey Purciful says since the video has gone viral. DoorDash contacted her and said this delivery driver has been fired and that $5 tip he was complaining about? Has been credited back to Lacey on her DoorDash account. DoorDash has released a statement on the situation.

Our rules exist to help ensure everyone who uses our platform - Dashers, customers, merchants - have a safe and enjoyable experience. We expect everyone to treat others with respect and we will enforce our rules fairly and consistently.

I always leave a tip on a delivery order and I would assume $5 would be a fair tip in her order situation. Just because this lady has a nicer house does not mean she has to tip more. It should be a percentage of your total order, that's it. Not based on how much your yearly income is.

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