This wife did the classic, "You will be speaking to my husband" line. Well, he handled things his way.

Looks like on Sunday a couple decided to visit a Starbucks about a drink that was actually purchased the day before. Around 5:30 in the afternoon a woman walked into the Starbucks at 2929 East Memorial Road in Oklahoma City. She demanded a $1.25 refund.


I need more here, what the hell did she get for $1.25. I literally pulled up a Starbucks menu and cannot find anything for that price. Anyway, she wanted this money back, for whatever the hell she ordered on Saturday. Starbucks said they could not give her a refund for something purchased yesterday and she would have to go through corporate to get one.

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This woman did not like this answer and sent her husband into the store to try to get this $1.25 back. I have been hard up for cash many times in my life. I have never worked this hard for five quarters in my life. This is when Richard Engle entered the store who is the husband to the disgruntled woman.

Same thing, "I want a refund for the $1.25 drink." Same response, "You will have to call corporate." Richard did not like this response and decided he was going to get the money a different way. Since a Richard is known as Dick, Mr. Engle here decided to pull an all time dick move, by taking a dollar out of the Starbucks TIP JAR. Low sir, low.


Of course an employee saw this and followed Mr. Engle to his car to get his license plate information. He allegedly backed into the employee a few times with his car after the employee attempted to stop them from leaving. Looks like police tracked down Mr. Engle at his home in Harrah, Oklahoma and placed him under arrest for stealing one f***ing dollar.


So good job to the Engles for not backing down when they want something. Hope it was all worth ONE F***ING DOLLAR.

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