It's pretty great living in the future. In the palms of our hands, we hold a device that is more powerful than the computers that put a man on the moon. We can instantly connect with anyone in the world. We have the knowledge of every encyclopedia available with just a simple search. Yet, instead of asking the deep, meaningful questions, we ask things like this... published the map above recently to highlight the most common questions people put into a Google search. They separated it by each state and found what is the one question each state searches for more than any other.

What was the #1 question for Texas? Well, it's not as bad as it could be (really Kansas? 'How To Make Meth?) but it's not very deep and insightful (Hawaii's 'What is the meaning of life?). The #1 question from Texas was: Where is the internet?

Check out the Estately page to see some of the other questions each state asked. There's some real interesting ones. If you're wondering what the runners up were for Texas, here they are.

Am I a lesbian?  / Am I cool? / Am I a sociopath? / How does sex work? / Who is the best rapper? /  Who named Pluto? / Who qualifies for medicaid? / Who was the best president? / Do I have herpes? / How to meet men? / What is gun control? / Where is the internet? / What is jock itch? / Where is hell? / Where is heaven? / Why do I sweat? / Where is Johnny Manziel? / When is flu season? / When is Jesus coming? / Is Russia in Asia? / Can I vote? / How to yodel? / Which Pokemon are you? / Why are people so mean? / Why are we here? / How to get rich quick? / How to be the man? / Who is Putin? / Why is my hair falling out? / Why is my tongue yellow? / Why is my tongue white? / Do girls poop? / Do zombies exist?

Remember, the person sitting next to you could have searched for any of these. Don't be too judgemental of them. At least not to their face.

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