Yes you read that correctly. I thought it had to be some sort of typo, but a family was awarded hundreds of billions of dollars.

Everything is bigger in Texas they say, I guess that includes the largest penalty for a drunk driving lawsuit in United States history. Back in 2017, a Corpus Christi bar by the name of Beer Belly's Sports Bar overserved Joshua Delbosque. According to the lawsuit, it was proven that Joshua had been served eleven drinks at the bar.

He ran a red light killing 59-year-old Tamra Kay Kindred and 16-year-old Aujuni Tamay Anderson. Joshua was also killed in the accident and  it was determined that he had a blood alcohol level of .263. "Beer Belly's clearly was trading money for the safety of their patrons and the public by continuing to serve an obviously intoxicated customer," said John Flood, lead lawyer for the family.

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Looks like the victim's family has filed a lawsuit against Beer Bellys and won their case in court this week. A jury awarded the family $301,040,000,000. No I did not add an extra comma. That is 301 billion dollars. Lawyers for the family said they know they will likely not see a cent of the money, but their goal is to remind the public of the "horrific costs of drunk driving and the bars that irresponsibly overserve their customers."

The family hopes the jury’s verdict persuades bar owners, bartenders and other alcohol servers that they must follow Texas law and never serve alcohol to an already intoxicated person.

Do not get me wrong, I believe drunk drivers should have to pay dearly for killing someone, but what is the point of this number? I guess to bring attention to the case, but I have no idea why this number is so high. The richest person on the planet is Elon Musk and he's worth 265 billion dollars. Even he couldn't pay this. It's just weird to me that if the family can't get the money, then what's the point?

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