Remember kids don't drink AND LITERALLY drive around town.

I have several questions about this crazy incident at the Jack in the Box off Lawrence Road last night. It looks like drive thru staff had to deal with a belligerent customer. Jamie Mayberry (According to KFDX has other alias such as Amanda Mullins) decided to go for a late night food run last night. Now somehow, Jamie was able to rack up $100 worth of food at Jack in the Box.

Let me just say this, I have been to Jack in the Box and been completely wasted. Between me and four of my friends, we were only able to get around $65 worth of food. I thought that was ridiculous a few years ago for Jack in the Box. I have no idea what she ordered to get to $100. Please tell me it was 200 tacos!


Apparently, Jamie went past all the drive thru windows after she ordered. She then tried to go up the wrong way through the drive thru to get back to the window. She then allegedly threw a liquor bottle at one of the workers. She then tried to leave going the wrong way, but a vehicle was now blocking her way. So she backed up and hit a pole near the building.

Jamie, another woman, and at least one child were then seeing fleeing on foot from the scene. Police searched the area and said they found a group matching the descriptions behind a strip mall at 3201 Lawrence Road. Officers said they identified three juveniles who had been in the car, ages 9, 13 and 14.

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Mayberry said her oldest daughter was driving and they fled because she didn't want her to get in trouble for hitting the pole. Mayberry failed two out of three field sobriety tests at the scene. Mayberry now has charges of DWI with children under 15 and leaving the scene of an accident. A judge made a condition of Mayberry’s release on bond a requirement she must install an intoxication test lock device on any car she drives and must not consume any alcoholic beverages.

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