Sure they won a ton of cash, but that electric bill is probably getting some of that cash.

Alice and Epifanio Tristan’s home over in Waco got a lot more attention over the holidays this year. They're normally the Clark Griswald house covered head to toe in lights. This year they were featured on the ABC show 'The Great Christmas Light Fight'.

The show is basically who has the best Christmas light display in the entire country. Alice and Epifanio Tristan were on the season five finale the other week and they won the grand prize of $50,000.  If you know people who live in Waco, their home is located at Proctor Avenue and 27th Street. The family says the lights will be on until January 3.

Alice had 31 days to get her lights ready for shooting for the show, normally something that takes her two and a half months. Her motivation was her daughter that was in a nearby hospital and she could see the lights from there. Alice just proved everything is bigger in Texas with her light display. ABC has not released any clips yet, but the episode is available online.

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