I've said this many times, why would anyone ever want to live in an HOA neighborhood?

Home Owners Associations are the worst! Why people deal with their crazy rules is a mystery to me. Over in Missouri City, Texas, the Lake Olympia Homeowner’s Association is currently in a battle with Teddi Alvey. She has lived on the property since 1998.

During the over two decades of living on the property she has had chickens. Obviously not the same chickens because the average lifespan for a chicken is about ten years, but chickens have been there since she has been there. All of the sudden, this year it's a problem. Teddi has been breaking the rules of the home owners associations.

“No sheep, goats, horses, cattle, swine, poultry…snakes, livestock or other animals or fowl of any kind shall ever be intentionally kept on any lot or the property,” the HOA bylaw says. So who suddenly has a problem with it? No one is coming forward. It's definitely not her immediate neighbors.

One of the neighbors she shares a fence with actually built a gate so her son could go into Teddi's yard to feed the chickens. In fact all of her immediate neighbors are asking the HOA to let her keep the chickens. “It is absolutely no bother to us,” wrote one neighbor. “No noise, no smell, or nuisance. Another neighbor who didn't want to be named said,"The HOA should piss off."

In late February, the HOA board sent the Alveys a letter letting them know the chickens were a “violation” and had to go. After initially resisting, Don Alvey told his wife they might have to give up. “When I told her that, the thing that was hardest for me is watching her break down,” Don Alvey said.

“The matter is in litigation and we can’t comment,” HOA attorney Terry Sears said over the phone on Wednesday night. “Other than to say the board of directors is duty-bound to enforce the restrictions.”

Let this lady have her chickens. They have had no issues in TWENTY TWO years living there and no one around her house has a issue with them. This is probably some Karen that lives blocks away. She drove down the street and noticed the chickens and had to complain. These chickens are harming no one. Let this grandmother have her chickens. Once again, HOA's are the WORST!

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