Jaime Ruiz-Avila of Austin, TX has created the world's first desktop holographic display, and you still have a chance to support it online.

The Holovect Mk II is going to be the first commercially available 3-D projector using lasers to create a holographic image. According to the Kickstarter page, the Holovect doesn't create holograms, citing holograms as "a recording of interference patterns on film or glass plates that contains three-dimensional information about an object". The Holovect, in comparison to other hologram projectors, projects actual 3-D images in the air.

Jaime has stated that he hopes their open source software philosophy will allow users to create applications and games to expand and enhance the scope of the Holovect, with the hardware being able to accommodate advancements in 3-D imaging. As for risks and challenges faced by the project, Jaime stated on his Kickstarter page,

Our biggest challenge is producing enough units to keep costs low and maintain a large community of content creators. Your contributions will help our efforts and push this nascent technology further than even our imaginations can predict.

We have spent a year redesigning and streamlining the product and production line. We are ready to put considerable amount of units into the hands of developers, early adopters and enthusiasts. Help us make Holovect the standard of holographic volumetric displays.

With a week left in the Kickstarter campaign, Jaime has surpassed his $45,000 goal by nearly $20,000. There are still opportunities to back the project with backing as little a $10 and even surpassing $1,800, with incentives ranging from your name included in a 3-D display of backers to the deluxe Holovect with RGB projection, allowing for any color projection that can be made up of a combination of blue, green, and red.

Games, tools, and art programs will be available for the Holovect when it launches next year.

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