What a story we have coming out of Brown County, Texas.

This past Friday, Brownwood Pizza Hut employees were in for quite the shock when a car came barrelling through the front window. The car then reversed and fled the scene. Employees were able to get the license plate number of the vehicle and give it to police. Police who arrived on the scene spoke to one woman who claimed her husband was the one that drove into the restaurant.

She was worried because she said he called her and told her about the crash. The woman's daughter was in the backseat and she told police she was worried about her safety. Police were able to get in contact with the driver and meet him at his residence. The damaged vehicle was located, glass debris was also present on the hood and windshield of the vehicle according to officers.

The driver told officers he was pulling into a parking space and his flip flop got stuck on the pedal and accelerated into the restaurant. The driver said he fled the scene because he was scared and freaked out. While speaking with the driver, officers detected a strong odor of alcohol emitting from him. Several other indications of intoxication were also observed.

The driver admitted to consuming alcoholic beverages prior to driving to Pizza Hut. For this reason, a DWI investigation was commenced which led to the driver’s arrest. Cody Clark, 36, was booked into the Brown County Jail on charges of DWI third or more, DWI with a child under 15 and duty on striking fixture, jail records state. Clark is free on bonds totaling $11,500.


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