A 73-year-old man from Tomball, TX accidentally shot himself while rigging his house with anti-burglary traps.

A Harris County sheriff's deputy responded to a call about shots heard just after 1:30pm Tuesday afternoon, finding a 73-year-old man outside of his home with a superficial gunshot wound on the right side of his body. After being warned by the elderly man that "there's danger in the home," the deputy entered the home, triggering another trap that left him slightly injured.

The SWAT team arrived at the home and found a dozen traps in the house rigged to the doors and windows, set to detonate a shotgun cartridge if triggered. It is believed that the elderly man was a recent victim of a home burglary and was setting the traps in the event the burglars would return.

While filming at the scene, ABC 13 caught the sound of one of the traps being set off in the home:

The injured homeowner was taken to a local hospital and might be facing charges as it is illegal in Texas to set up explosives in your home.

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