I could see a Hatfield and McCoys situation breaking out in some neighborhoods in Texas.

Over in Fort Worth, one neighbor is having some fun in the neighborhood. Michel Bond's neighbor has decided to put up a Ted Cruz sign in their front yard. The sign is as close to Michael's property line as possible. We have seen stories of people ripping out or destroying campaign signs during this time of the year. Michael decided to make his own sign. It simply says 'I hate'.

He stuck it in the ground, on his property, right next to the Ted Cruz sign. Steve Mitchell is the neighbor that put up the original Ted Cruz sign and he says he put it on the property line on purpose. "I knew it was going to get to him," he said. "I was thinking, 'I'm gonna put that sign right on my side of the line."'

Michael doesn't hate Ted Cruz as a person, he just does not agree with his policies. The two men think the fact that they're able to joke with each other in a civil way should serve as a reminder that life is short. "He's a great guy. We have beers together," said Mitchell. "I hope people take that away from this."

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