A road rage incident turned very ugly when some fireworks caught on fire.

Back on the Fourth of July in Houston, Texas, an altercation happened outside of a Fiesta Mart grocery store. Some words were exchanged between two drivers in the parking lot. This led to some road rage and the two followed each other down the road for quite a while.

The two then pulled into a gas station to begin arguing once again. 18-year-old Bayron Rivera is one of the people that was involved in all this craziness. He was arguing with a guy that had his wife and two children in the vehicle. The kids are only one and two years old that were sitting in the back of the vehicle.

At one point the father was trying to return to his vehicle after arguing with Rivera. At this point, Rivera grabbed a gun and fired several shots into the vehicle. The father quickly jumped into his vehicle to drive off. That vehicle he had shot into had recently purchased fireworks inside for the Fourth of July. The shots actually set off some of the fireworks.

The fireworks began spewing from the vehicle as the father pulled away from the gas station to escape, according to surveillance footage from the gas station. A pair of good Samaritans pulled the family from the burning car when they stopped on Texas 249 and rushed them to a nearby emergency room clinic.

The children are said to be in critical condition. Bayron Rivera will face four counts of aggravated assault after turning himself over to Harris County Sheriff’s Office investigators on Sunday evening, Sheriff Ed Gonzalez said. 

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