I couldn't even begin to describe how pissed I would be if this happened to me.

There's something relaxing about just being able to come home at the end of a long day. Lindsay Diaz was in for quite the surprise when she came home the other day. Her house was destroyed. What the hell happened? Turns out her house was demolished.

Lindsay lives in Rowlett and a few months ago the city was hit by a tornado. Construction crews apparently have been in the area demolishing houses that are no longer fit to live in. Engineers, at one point, deemed Lindsay's house to be structurally sound. She was beginning repairs on her house, but when she showed up on Tuesday this week, her house was rubble.

The demolition supervisor told Lindsay a mistake happened. They were supposed to demolish a duplex, ONE BLOCK over. Lindsay called the company that is in charge of the demolitions and apparently they were quite rude to her. You just destroyed her house people, I think she has the right to be upset.

“I didn’t believe he was telling me this. I was hoping for an apology, I’m sorry my company did this. We’ll make it better, and instead, he’s telling me how the insurance is going to handle it and telling me that it’s going to be a nasty fight,” Diaz said.

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