Popeye's running out of chicken sandwiches, Allsup's running out of famous burritos. What is the world coming to?

So I saw a bunch of people complaining online in other parts of Texas about an Allsup's burrito shortage. People have been saying that the burritos have been out in their area for a few days now. So I decided to call the locations in our area and guess what? They're out. The location in Iowa Park told me they're expecting a truck today with a shipment.


However, the location in Holiday told me that they were also expecting a shipment this morning and their truck already arrived with no burritos. Not good, I know a lot of people that only go to Allsup's for those burritos. KTAB in Abilene is reporting that the shortage is due to an issue with the supply at the corporate warehouse.

Some people believe the Allsup's burrito is gone forever. A petition was started earlier this week to bring it back. I don't see anything reported that it is gone forever, I believe it is a supply issue. If it is gone forever, people will not be happy. Get those shipments in Allsup's, before people riot.

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