Police Departments throughout our country are challenging each other to a lip sync battle and two officers in our area have created videos.

The latest internet challenge is actually between police officers. Just a simple lip sync battle, just like the TV show. Looks like you just need to be in uniform and in your cop car. We have an officer from Iowa Park and one from Seymour that decided to take part in the challenge.

By the way, you guys cheated. I think you needed to be nominated and not just make a video. I won't count that against you guys too hard. First up is Jayson Owen from the Iowa Park Police Department. He took the 90's classic 'I Want It That Way' from the Backstreet Boys. Tell me why you picked this song, Jason? Probably recently went through a heartache and it was a mistake. Click here to watch Officer Owen's lip sync video.

Next up, Cole Dalton with the Seymour Police Department with the pop song of 2012. 'Call Me Maybe' by Carly Rae Jepsen. Maybe Cole is letting us know if we are in trouble we should give him a call. Click here to watch Officer Dalton's lip sync video.

Good job to both of you guys. I have done lip sync battles before and both of you are way better than me.

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