International copyright laws really don't seem to matter in many countries. America has been the front runner for widely successful entertainment for many years, so its only natural for others to take inspiration from American works. Its a completely different thing to totally rip off an American icon.  There are copyright laws protecting the parody, but I highly doubt any of these can be classified as a parody.  Here is, in my opinion, the best foreign rip offs of all time. And by best, I'm really talking about worst. Most of these are so terrible, they are hilarious and demand multiple viewings.


A lovely cardboard opening title card, followed by John Williams' classic Superman theme, I figured the Superman in "The Return of Superman" from India would be wearing PJs, but color me shocked at the quality of the costume. Did someone get five-finger discount and "borrow" one from Christopher Reeve?

"Gollimar" ("Shoot The Bullet") from the film "Donga" is widely known as "The Indian Thriller".

Oh come on! Spock never wore gold! He was a science officer and they wore blue! Sorry... geek moment.  Here's "Turkish Star Trek".

After the untimely passing of Bruce Lee, many film companies tried to make their own version of Bruce Lee by using a similar looking actor and naming him something like "Bruce Li", "Bruce Lai", etc. Some even went as far as using stock footage from previous films, using a cardboard cutout of Lee's face over another actor, even killing off his character and using footage of Lee's actual funeral! 1977's "The Dragon Lives Again" features the spirit of Lee going to the underworld and meeting James Bond, Dracula, Clint Eastwood, The Godfather, Laurel and Hardy, and The Exorcist.  In this amazing clip, Lee battles a horde of mummies with the help of.... POPEYE!


I find it completely hilarious that this post is about companies that don't care about international copyright laws, yet there's one on this list I couldn't post.  Every clip of this I found on youtube had its embedding disabled!  Here's the link to Superman and Spider-Woman In Love.