They always say everything is bigger in Texas, this restaurant is actually the biggest...for now.

There was a point in time, where I thought I was the king of food challenges and then a bunch here in Wichita Falls kicked my butt. You can see those videos above. The biggest one I ever tried was a seven pound burrito in town. I barely got to half and I couldn't fathom trying to eat anything bigger than that in my life.

If you can, head on down to Arlington and see the 20-pound burger at Salsa Joe's. It has a 5 1/2-pound bun, more than a pound of cheese, and a pound of pickles, it’s the biggest burger available on any menu in Texas. They call it El Gordo (The Fat One). However, don't just stop on by to get this thing. They say it takes about a day to prepare this thing, so give them at least 24 hours notice.

As with everything in Texas, someone will try to make a bigger one and owner Jonathan Schiller is ready for that. “If I have to make a bigger one to beat somebody else, then I’ll just have to make that happen” he explained. “I’ve already got plans on how I’m going to do that.”

By the way, this twenty pound burger is not a challenge. Salsa Joe's says bring a big group of friends and try to tackle this thing. He says they're considering a ten pound burger as a challenge. If you finish it, then it will be free. Nothing is confirmed for that yet, so keep an eye on their Facebook page for more.

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