Well this f***ing sucks!

I am proud to say I work for the place that broadcasts EVERY Dallas Cowboys game on the radio. If you ever need to listen to the game, you can always check out 106.3 the Buzz or NewsTalk1290. When it comes to television, it can be on a couple of different channels depending on what day it is.

Thursday Night Football Headache

This week, the Cowboys have Thursday Night Football. I have made the argument that the Cowboys should never have to play Thursday Night Football since they're guaranteed a Thursday game every year due to Thanksgiving, but that's a story for a different day. Bad news if you don't use streaming, no Cowboys game for you.

Tv Guide
Tv Guide

^This is what is pulling up for the guide for this Thursday. Looks like all our local channels have other programming besides the Dallas Cowboys on Thursday. The NFL has stated local markets can't be blacked out from games, but it looks like we're not considered local to Dallas/Fort Worth.

So How Do You Watch the Cowboys?

If you have a Amazon Prime Video, you can watch the game on Thursday. If you're like me and don't have prime (I hate shopping online) you can sign up for a 30 day free trial. I am planning on doing that this week. If you want some more info on that, click here. Remember DO NOT FORGET TO CANCEL! After 30 days you will be charged. So watch the Cowboys and then cancel that.

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I have to imagine with this game being the first Cowboys game on Amazon Prime Video this season, a lot more people will be tuned in. Hopefully, Amazon's servers are ready for Cowboys nation in a few days.

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