The FCC received "about a dozen" complaints after "Dancing with the Stars" inadvertently broadcast a small segment of Nancy Grace's nipple for a MILLISECOND last month.

Nancy has denied that there was a nip-slip . . . but she's full of crap, it happened.  However, you literally have to pause your DVR . . . at just the right moment . . . to see anything.  In other words, you don't see nipple unless you WANT to see nipple. got their hands on the complaints . . . and here are the highlights from eight different angry viewers' letters:

#1.) "Nancy Grace displayed her naked pornographic breast and nipple.  This is an outrage that ABC would broadcast pornography to a family audience . . . I have read that Nancy Grace is denying it, but there are screen captures, which clearly show her pornographic nipple displayed as it was seen on TV.  I demand that ABC and Nancy Grace be fined for this disgusting and godless display."

#2.) "Nancy Grace had a wardrobe malfunction where her nipple private came out and scared my children.  She should be fined."

#3.) "Her nipple was clearly visible.  We watch this show because of the family values, but this was disgusting.  How can this happen during primetime TV?  How is this not buffered?  Will Nancy Grace be fined?"

#4.) "I want action!!!  I am so offended to see her boob.  My kids are traumatized.  I want action against her and this network!!!"

#5.) "I thought this show was supposed to be safe for children . . . but I guess not.  Someone needs to be fired over this, or some serious fines need to happen.  This is ridiculous."

#6.) "Exposed female nipple during a time when my kids were watching.  Completely unacceptable."

#7.) "This is not fine.  It was clearly done on purpose to generate news stories and interest in the show."

#8.) "I noticed that Nancy Grace's nipple was exposed.  Although by accident, these types of things should not be allowed on television.  Children were most likely watching this program, and the nipple could have traumatized the poor things."

Hopefully some of these are JOKES . . . assuming there are people out there who fire off complaints to the FCC for fun.  And there surely are, trust me.

I like the person who admitted they had to see a screen capture online to see the "pornographic nipple" . . . and the people who say this "traumatized" their kids.  Those people don't seem to "get" parenting . . .

Every day your kids are dealing with issues that are a lot more impactful to them than a millisecond of Nancy Grace's nipple.  If you spent as much time with your kids as you did whining to the FCC, you would've noticed.