Remember in 1996 when the Hanson brothers changed the world by adding a new word to our vocabulary? If you were alive at that time, there's no way you didn't know about 'MMMBop.'

Now, the brothers Hanson are back, and yet again making the world a happier place, with their craft beer 'MMMHops!'  It's a full-bodied Pale Ale with 'a unique toasted malt signature and a refreshing hoppy finish.'

The brothers say they made the beer they haven't forgotten their first passion, music. They include a free song with every bottle. They also want to give back, so 10% of their sales goes toward their charity, Take The Walk, which supports drilling clean water wells in Africa.

MMMHops isn't currently distributed in Texas, but you can find it in many places in Oklahoma and throughout the Midwest. You can also order it online through