In an age where it seems like restaurants come and go with the seasons, there are some places that have stood the test of time. In Texas, no eating establishments have stood longer than a small town restaurant off I-35.

The Stagecoach Inn, located at 401 South Stagecoach Road in Salado, Texas was established in 1861. It began welcoming guests and serving customers 6 years before the town incorporated, and has been open ever since. warns us not to go to The Stagecoach for their expansive menu:

It would seem an impressive feat of memory that the servers at Texas' oldest restaurant can recite the entire menu off the top of their heads (the place doesn’t bother printing them) until you realize said entire menu is comprised of about six things -- and they’re all served with a vegetable, a potato, and a roll.

What The Stagecoach Inn does serve, they prepare in award-winning fashion according to the town's website. If you're ever planning a trip to around Waco or Austin, this might be the perfect place to visit. But make sure you don't pull into town late, as they close at 7:00pm Sunday-Thursday and 9:00pm Friday and Saturday.

Have you been to The Stagecoach Inn? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think of Texas' oldest restaurant. And if you love longstanding Texas establishments, be sure to check out Scholz Garten in Austin, the oldest bar in the Lone Star State.