Have you had a change to take a ride on one of the new scooters downtown yet?  Now that spring is finally here, and the weather is warming up, you can hop on one of these electric scooters, and explore everything that Wichita Falls has to offer downtown.

There are a few limitations though.  The scooters will only operate in downtown Wichita Falls.  If someone tries to ride a scooter outside of the geographic area, the scooter will automatically shut down, and will be inoperable until it is returned to the downtown area.

Other cities which have allowed scooter rentals for some time, have been dealing with a problem known as “scooter litter”.   In Dallas, Houston, and Austin, riders have just been leaving these scooter rentals either on the sidewalk or the side of the road after they arrive at their destination.  To prevent this, GOAT scooters will continue to charge the rider money, until the scooter is returned to one of the seven different docking stations located downtown.

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Here are the different stations where you can return your scooter after you’re done riding it.

  • 9th Street Studio’s
  • Bud Daniels Park
  • Odd Duck Coffee
  • Park Central
  • Stone Oven Pizza
  • The Yard
  • The Wichita Falls Public Library

Local law enforcement is warning users not to operate these scooters while intoxicated though.  You can actually be charged with a DWI, if you are riding a scooter after having one too many alcoholic beverages.  So, if you’re going bar hopping with your buddies downtown, it’s best to call Uber or Lyft, instead of using a scooter to get to your next destination.

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