Julian, a student at Indiana University, was competing on Wheel of Fortune Friday when he was lucky enough to land on the million dollar prize and all he had to do was solve the puzzle.

Now solving the puzzle isn't always easy, but this guy had every letter on the board filled in and he still lost. Apparently you have to be able to properly pronounce the phrase to win.

The answer was 'Mythological Hero Achilles.' He pronounced it "AY-chill-ess." That seems like something a college student should know.

But that wasn't the end for Julian. Later in the game he was lucky enough to have the chance to win a brand new car, all he had to do was solve the puzzle 'The World's Fastest Man,' and he was only missing the M and the A in man.

By now it shouldn't be a surprise that he lost that to because he thought the letter C was the next logical choice.

Sadly, Julian's embarrassment didn't end there. He also messed up on a pretty simple puzzle towards the end of the game, except he didn't lose any big prizes like he had before.

Check out the video below.