By now we've all learned the value of Zoom meetings. Half of us are working from home and getting the whole office together is increasingly difficult so more and more we're stuck in Zoom or Teams meetings.

As we've taken part in these meetings a few things become obvious. One, make sure you're dressed appropriately. Two, there are several uniquely different types of participants in these meetings, everything from the "just woke up" to the "look at my impressive bookcase" person.

One enterprising young man put several of them into a video presentation for us.

I can definitely relate to more than one of those. How many ring true for you?

In this short clip he put them all together onto one screen similar to what the person hosting the meeting might see.

Nope. No distractions there at all. But he did miss one that I can think of, the "No, I'm not turning on my camera" person.

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