Ever since 2006, the world knew that no matter how much life you lived, no matter hot many adventures you had, and no matter how interesting you were, there was one man who was always going to outrank you. You may be interesting, but only one man was The Most Interesting Man in the World.

The advertising campaign for Dos Equis introduced us to Jonathan Goldsmith and had everyone saying his catchphrase, "Stay thirsty my friends." But in March, the beer company announced that it was time for some new blood in the campaign. There was going to be a new most interesting man.

This week, they revealed the new face behind the legends. In a new commercial, we see a man at a dirty, run down bar south of the border. The TV is showing clips of the former lead man and the bartender asks, "Think there will ever be a guy as interesting as him?"

He is answered with a simple, "Hard to say," before being joined by a younger woman. With those three words, the new most interesting man was revealed. Fox News reports that the new man, 41-year-old actor Augustin Legrand will be changing up the role a little bit.

Legrand was born in France and is best known in Europe for his TV and movie roles. He speaks English, French and Spanish. His version of interesting is supposed to be more of an action-hero style instead of a charming, ladies man.

We'll find out more about the new character when the next series of ads starts in October. Will a younger, more adventurous lead man be as interesting as the former star? Only time will tell. Until then, we'll just have to all stay thirsty.