The Smith family made their return to Family Feud Wednesday after a triumphant and hilarious appearance on the game show on Tuesday.

The Smiths ended up winning $20,000 in the Fast Money game (watch here) on the first show and were invited back to compete again. This time around, they took on the Granger family and as you might expect, the game resulted in a couple of awkward moments.

Watch as the Smiths leave host Steve Harvey in a state of bemusement following a question asking what gift you would give girlfriend, but not your mother (above).

The family are also featured in a clip in which one of the Grangers gives a practical, yet far out answer when faced with the question "Never, ever have I what?" (below).

This second time on the show the Smiths weren't quite as fortunate as the first as the Granger family beat them at the buzzer in sudden death.

We asked Dano Smith about how they ended up on the show and what their experience was like and this is what he said,

The experience was definitely surreal and something we will always remember. We originally auditioned because my cousin in Wichita Falls saw they had auditions coming to Dallas and thought we should get a group to audition. It just made sense that those who lived in Dallas try it. We joked about it but after my mom brought up that we should do it, we went ahead and sent in an audition video in Oct 2016. A month later we were invited to the live audition in Dallas to compete against 250 other families. We made it to the final round, met some of the staff and waited to hear back from the Producers. They eventually selected us and flew us to Atlanta to audition again!! We went in March of 2017 with 10 family members and friends and auditioned against 11 other families for the chance to appear on 1 of the 4 shows they were recording that day. They selected us for the 3rd show that day, we won, and the rest is History!! Steve Harvey is definitely funny on and off camera...and very down to earth. The Staff was very professional and friendly. Everyone had an amazing time and we were just glad to be able to represent our Family on the show.

Even though we all live in Dallas and auditioned there, our upbringing and Family all come from Wichita Falls and that's where it started.

If anyone is considering trying out for the show, just be yourself and do it. But make sure you have at least one "Poundcake" and "Licorice" in your family!! Lol

Dano also sent us the audition video he and his family sent in last year.

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