Yep, it's an election year, so that means a bunch of old white guys, and a few women get to sling mud all over themselves with political advertising.  Now, I usually think America is, without a doubt, the greatest country in the world, but from a guy's perspective, Mexican elections look like a lot more fun!

34-year-old Natalia Juarez is a philosophy professor in Guadalajara, Mexico, and a member of Mexico's Party of the Democratic Revolution.  She's running for Congress and realized her campaign was off to a slow start.

So she decided to get some attention . . . by posing topless for billboards. (Ed. note: Yay!!!)

They feature a black-and-white photo of her and six female supporters,  all topless, and partially covering their breasts with their right arms.

Natalia says she made the billboards to give voters in Mexico a wake-up call.  She's extremely left-wing, so she figured liberals wouldn't have a problem with the risqué billboards, and "conservatives are never going to vote for me [anyway]," she says.

The elections are on July 1st.

Here is a CNN report about the topless Mexican Candidate: