We hear it all the time growing up, "You can do whatever you want!", "If you work hard, you'll be a success!" Well, if you think success is all about effort, we've got a list that might change your mind. Here are three random things that can determine how successful you are in your career.

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    Your Face. But Not Just How Good Looking You Are.

    A study at Duke found that a mature-looking face makes you look more competent, which makes you more likely to get a job. But that study mainly involved CEOs who were white. A separate study found that if you're black, you're more likely to be successful if you have a baby face. So in other words, everyone's racist, and if you're African-American, being baby-faced makes you less intimidating to white people. Sad but true.

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    Your Name

    Research has shown you're less likely to be hired or promoted if your name is hard to pronounce. And that's regardless of your race. So, even a white guy with a weird name is at a disadvantage compared to a white guy named Steve Jones or Mike Smith. Apparently it's because you make a better first impression on people if they don't trip over your name when you meet. In other words, it's all about someone Else's insecurity.

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    How Popular You Were in High School

    Probably the most depressing one on here. Did you often console yourself in high school by telling yourself that all the popular kids that were mean to you would grow up and be big time losers once their little high school world was over? Well, definitely NOT true. In one study, researchers had kids list the top three most-popular kids in their class. Then 35 years later, researchers checked back in with everyone. The top 15% in popularity were making an average of 10% more than everyone else, regardless of what their grades were. No such thing as karma, here.