The stuff you find while cleaning out your house. For instance, a coffee mug your ex made for you to commemorate your trip to Disney World. Don't think I need this in my life anymore.

In the next coming weeks, I will be moving into a new place in Wichita Falls. As always when you move, you realize you have a ton of crap you don't really need and you don't really feel like moving to a new place. For instance, anything your ex made for you. Now this relationship ended in 2012 and if you're thinking I was holding onto something, I was not.

When we broke up, she took all of my stuff from her place and put it in a bag. She came over and got all of her stuff out of my place. When she was getting her stuff, she placed that bag somewhere in my house. I really didn't know where it was, until a few weeks ago when I was cleaning stuff out to move.

My ex was one of those people who is addicted to Pintrest. Someone who loved to display pictures of trips, gathering, etc. Well she made me this coffee mug from our trip to Disney World, I just kept it at her place because I don't drink coffee. Since we have been dropping stuff off the World's Littlest Skyscraper, why not add this to the list?

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