Why don't more professional golfers have putt putt courses?

I will be honest with everyone, I am not a golfer. When I am on the course. I want to drink beer, smoke cigars, and drive the golf cart. That's a fun day at the course in my book. However, putt putt golf I am ALWAYS down for. Putt putt is a must on the first couple of dates with a girl. If she hates doing it, probably not going to workout with me.

That is why I am super excited that Tiger Woods is bringing his putt putt golf chain to Texas. This will be the first ever one outside of Florida, which is a huge deal. Port St. Lucie, Fort Myers, Sarasota, and Orlando all have the Popstroke putt putt golf in their respective cities.

PopStroke consists of two 18-hole putting courses, a restaurant, a rooftop bar, a playground, a beer garden, an ice cream parlor, and other family-friendly entertainment options. My favorite thing Popstroke does, you can order food or drink and they will deliver it to you on the course. YES!

The first Texas location is set to open next week in Katy, Texas on December 16th. Good news for us a little closer to the North Texas area. A location in Dallas is set in their next expansion plans after they open up two locations in Arizona.

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I think TopGolf is extremely boring and honestly overpriced. At Popstroke it costs $25 to play for adults. By the way, that is all day fee, so you can take part in both courses if you want. So if you wanted to play several rounds, you can definitely get your money's worth here.

I look forward to checking this place out one day. I will never complain about more putt putt places opening up. It's one of my favorite things to do.

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