Sunday was Father's Day and it was also game five of the NBA finals. This was not stopping Tim Duncan from hanging out with his kids.

As a Mavericks fan I am not a big fan of the Spurs. In fact I don't like either team in the finals, which is why I am not watching. I saw this clip on ESPN today. During halftime in the hallway outside of the Spurs locker room of Tim Duncan hanging out, playing with his kids. Now we imagine halftime of a championship game, players and coaches doing nothing put focusing on the game. Whether it be the coach with a halftime speech to motivate the team or players discussing what they can do to win.

Now the Spurs did win the game last night and thankfully they did. I honestly believe if they would have lost the media would be tearing apart Tim Duncan today. Do not get me wrong this was a heartwarming moment on Father's Day. If they would have lost, I would say people would be criticizing Duncan for not focusing on the game.

Check Out Tim Duncan Playing with His Kids at Halftime Below: