Travis Scott has released two new songs to please his Ragers.

On Friday (Nov. 4), Travis Scott fired off two new joints: "Escape Plan" and "Mafia." The tracks come after the Houston native announced Thursday morning (Nov. 3) that he'd be releasing some new music.

Produced by Nik D and OZ, the previously teased "Escape Plan" is the turn-up we've been missing from Travis. "That WAP need draining, just have it if you singing, OK/Fuck that Birkin, she just need some encouragement," he raps with a run-on flow. "Fix that attitude, shе think she need a surgeon, OK/And show some gratitude, I put you in that altitude, OK/They stunt like Mannis do, I put you in that magnitude, oh, hey/I embrace the pussy, I'm not tryna embarrass you."

"Mafia" is a Boi-1da concoction. It's a bit slower, but slaps just as hard. "Custom the things, custom the wings/I had to custom the vibe, custom the lean," he croons in Auto-Tune. "Cover the back of the lobby, front cover magazine/Cover your eyes, cuddle up back of the V (Yeah)/Our chemistry, just like the trappers and fiends (Ooh).”

"Escape Plan" was first teased this past summer in a Spotify ad. A day later, the entire track was previewed during Travis' Cactus Jack Dior Summer 2022 Fashion Show. Yesterday, Travis used the front page of a parody newspaper that featured a caricature—presumed to be himself—to tease the new tracks. The caption for the post read, "SOME NEW MUSIC AT MIDNIGHT. AHAHAHHSBDBDDKRKRHEB."

Meanwhile, the newspaper, which is titled Weekly World Truths, has a headline that reads, "The True Dystopia Is Here," and the two additional cover lines on the paper read, "Who knows what lies beneath the surface?" and "When the end arrives it's really the beginning."

Travis has done several features over the last few months like Don Toliver's "Flocky Flocky," "Fair Trade" by Drake, Baby Keem's "Durag Activity" and more. Perhaps this is the precursor to his forthcoming album Utopia, which fans have been patiently waiting for. According to Sony Music's recent financial documents, La Flame is among several other artists expected to be dropping albums within the next six months.

Check out "Escape Plan" and "Mafia" by Travis Scott below.

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