To all my fellow junk food junkies do not have a heart attack we still have to wait 3 months.

Lovers of cream-filled sponge cakes, brace yourselves. Twinkies are back — and I am talking about the real ones, not the off-brand imitators of the beloved, indestructible snack cakes from Hostess. The new owners of the Hostess brand, Apollo Global Management, are rushing Twinkies (along with some other Hostess products) back into production.

This in an effort to stave off competitors like Grupo Bimbo (the south of the border version of Hostess), which is attempting to fill the Twinkie void. The first Twinkies from the relaunched Hostess company will hit stores in July, with other Hostess-brand snacks to follow soon after.Is it possible to pre-order this bad boys in Texoma to ensure I get the first box?

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