Thanksgiving week a lot of cooking goes down.These two were doing a lot of cooking too, but it wasn't a turkey.

Lawton police pulled over this vehicle because the license plate on the SUV didn't match up with what was in the database. The two pulled into the driveway of a home. Police searched the vehicle and found two balls of plastic wrap. Inside of those balls was a good deal of meth. Police estimate it to weigh around a pound and a half.

The meth has a street value of seventy-three thousand dollars. They also searched the driver's house, and found digital scales, some glass pipes, and a smaller amount of meth. Police arrested both the driver Christina Halye  and passenger Jeffery Karr on suspicion of dealing meth.

Photo Courtesy of Lawton Police Department
Photo Courtesy of Lawton Police Department

Sergeant Tim Jenkins with the Lawton Police Department says getting those drugs off the street is a win for the community. "That's a lot lot of drugs to get off the streets at one time. That's a lot of drugs to take away from the drug dealers at one time so by us doing this and by special operations coming together and combining with other agencies to get this done is a great thing", said Jenkins.

Halye and Karr were also charged with possession of paraphernalia,and possession of a firearm after a felony conviction. Halye had previously been convicted for drug possession.  Karr has a previous conviction for armed robbery.

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