With businesses coming and going from Sikes Senter Mall, two restaurants have announced plans to make the mall their new home.

Owners of Sikes Senter Mall, Rouse Properties, have confirmed that national chain 'Red Robin' and Oklahoma City-based 'Bricktown Brewery' will be added to the mall in the coming year.

In addition to the new eateries, Sikes will see a new home-decor store 'At Home' moving into the recently closed Sears location and remodeling of 'On the Border'.

"Having more retail and dining options can actually help us grow the pie, rather than split it up,"  Henry Florsheim, President & CEO, Wichita Falls Chamber of Commerce and Industry said in an email. "The more there is to do here, the more likely we can attract shoppers from outside the city to spend their money here instead of in Dallas or OKC. That's economic development!"