Two weeks ago I happily reported that former Mad TV star Will Sasso is set to play Curly in the upcoming Farrelly Brothers "Three Stooges" movie.  Now today, we have our Larry.  Former "Will & Grace" star Sean Hayes has signed on to play the role of Larry Fine, whom many consider to be the unappreciated anchor of the Stooges.  Early casting rumors for this role included SNL star Andy Samberg.

The Farrelly Brothers have been trying for 12 years to get this film off the ground, and now they are one cast member away from being able to start filming.  But this is a movie that has been a dream of directors for years.  Comedy icon Mel Brooks tried to bring the Stooges to the big screen in the 70s with Brooks to play Shemp Howard, Marty Feldman (Igor from "Young Frankenstein") as Larry, and Dom DeLuise as Curly.  But Brooks found the original Stooge style difficult to transition into a full-length film.

"It was just too hard to do a Three Stooges movie that was two hours or even ninety minutes.  It's such physical humor and so hard to sustain a plot that could withstand their antics for that long."

Current plans of the Farrelly Brothers are to start filming this summer for a 2012 release, which would mean we could hear the casting of Moe within the next few weeks.  The Farrelly Brothers have said they are aiming for an 85-minute non-stop slapstick film, much like their earlier work with "Dumb and Dumber".