After a series of stops and starts (and stops [and starts]) we might finally see a movie based on the popular Uncharted video game series. Variety reports that yet another director has signed on to the project. This time it’s 10 Cloverfield Lane’s Dan Trachtenberg who will try his hand at bringing treasure hunter Nathan Drake to the screen.

Trachtenberg is the latest in a long line of filmmakers attached to Uncharted. For a while David O. Russell was involved. Then Shawn Levy came on board, and he (per Variety)...

... had to depart the project due to scheduling conflicts ... The film stars Tom Holland and chronicles Drake’s first encounter with the professional rogue Sullivan. Sony has been trying to get the film off the ground for quite a while, originally going with veteran actors like Mark Wahlberg. After the success of Spider-Man: Homecoming, the studio began scouring the development slate to find Holland’s next project and decided a younger Drake character would work out well.

Given that the Uncharted games are heavily inspired by movies like Raiders of the Lost ArkUncharted should be a slam dunk for a movie. Which begs the question: Why is this project so hard to put together? Just cast a cool dude as Nathan Drake, have him climb some stuff, raid a tomb or two, and you’re already there.

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