Veganism may have seemed like the latest fad diet at one point, but the movement has been gaining traction for a while now and it seems like it’s here to stay. Many people, including countless vegan celebrities, have switched from vegetarianism to cutting animal-based byproducts out of their diets completely. Whether it's for the health benefits, ethical concerns, or whatever other reason, more and more people are converting to the vegan lifestyle.

Of course, there are many advocates for veganism that get our attention in a negative way—mainly by trying to guilt people into going vegan, which usually ends up making people even less likely to try it. However, for as many of those people you know who are constantly trying to convert you, there are just as many vegans who are so chill about their diet that you probably would never know that they’re vegan. The same goes for celebs.

Below, check out 20 celebrities you probably didn’t know were vegan.

Celebrities Who Are Vegan

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