What a freaking beautiful day it was for Dallas Cowboys football. Let's get into it on this Victory Monday!

So yesterday, I was actually at the game and had to be at AT&T Stadium at 6AM to start setting up for the noon kickoff. It was a perfect fall day in Arlington and I am happy that the Cowboys took advantage of it. Had the roof open and the end zone doors open. Also, the Cowboys took the field in blue jerseys? What?!

So here's my thinking on this. Obviously with the Cowboys being the home team, they have a right to choose their uniforms. 99% of the time, they go with the whites with the blue stripes. I think someone with the bears reached out to the Cowboys about them wearing their orange jerseys since it was Halloween weekend. Since the Cowboys don't normally wear blue jerseys, that was their 'Halloween costume' on Sunday.

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I literally have nothing to back this up, but it's just a thought I had watching the game. I will be honest with you guys. My stomach was killing me after half. Don't know if I ate something or drank too much that day (probably drank too much). I missed some key plays, including the Parsons fumble recovery for a touchdown.

I did a full rewatch this morning and I can say this. This is EXACTLY what you need to do going into a bye week. Pure domination on all aspects of the field. Yes, it was not a perfect game. Some dumb penalties and Dak with a bad pick before half. All these things can get cleaned up, but now it's time to get some rest. Zeke took the game off and probably the right call headed into the bye week since he was dealing with an injury.

The Cowboys next game is November 13th in Green Bay with kickoff set for 3:30. You can listen to EVERY Dallas Cowboys game on 106.3 the Buzz and NewsTalk1290 in Texoma.

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